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More Than 10000 sq. ft. of Recreational Area

Experience luxury at our aesthetic cafes and fancy dining spaces, featuring diverse menus, specialty dishes, live music, and various seating options, including outdoor seating. Add excitement to outdoor events with our lush green spaces, complete with comfortable seating, shade, water features, gardens, and lighting.
Serenia is home to a variety of new-age cafes, fine and posh dining spaces, lavish restaurants, and quick service outlets to make your breaks worth it. Taking meal breaks during work can increase productivity and focus, improve mood and overall well-being, and provide a necessary break. So why not make the most of your breaks at one of our top-quality dining establishments?
Outdoor Spaces
Exhausted by your heavy workload? Serenia offers outdoor sitting areas, water features, walking trails, Amphitheatre and gardens to rejuvenate your vibe and refill you with energy. The monotony of corporate life can block new ideas and innovation. Serenia's prime location at the International Home Deco Park allows you to escape and refill your energy levels as you soak in the greenery. It's sure to invigorate your spirits.
Events Hall Palmiva
Palmiva event halls provide a flexible and convenient space for businesses to host a wide range of events.

These events allow businesses to showcase their products and services to a large audience, and can be an effective way to generate leads and build brand awareness. Palmiva Event halls can also be used to host meetings and training sessions for employees or clients. These spaces provide a professional and convenient location for businesses to conduct important business discussions and share knowledge with their team. Palmiva Event halls are considered the best event halls in Noida.


We believe that a business thrives when it focuses on its core competencies and strengths. Therefore, it is our duty to support and enhance our customers’ journeys’ by offering services and value additions that allow them to conduct their work comfortably and with convenience. Our range of services includes flexible workspace options, high-speed internet and WiFi, conference rooms and meeting spaces, print, scan, and copy facilities, mail and package handling, on-site staff and support, access to a network of professionals, social and networking events, on-site amenities such as tea and coffee bars and kitchen facilities, and access to office equipment and supplies.
These services meet the complete needs of modern businesses and are available on a call and pay-per-use basis.